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Hojojitsu's Dark Secrets

"Oh… There you are… Thanks for joining me here… Do you want me to take a look into this site for you? blushes I guess I could take a peek between my fingers… Stick close to me… Uh… Maybe not that close… Shivers There are many ways to enslave a beautiful woman from chains to spells and a lot of ways between the two. This site brings you a variety of interesting stories of women enslaved with a wide range of erotic art to dazzle you. Queen though she may be, the wizard in her court sees her tempting flesh and wants her at his feet. When the king is away, the queen innocently calls on her court mage to entertain her with this magic. Seeing his opportunity, the wizard weaves a hypnotic spell on his queen. Soon her mind is his and she dances for his pleasure. By the time her dance comes to an end the spell the dark mage has woven holds her helpless in his power. She is no longer his queen but a slave for his delights. shivers This is kind of exciting…

Let's look a little more… In other stories done in tempting 3D art, follow the adventures of super heroines in great peril. Glory is one sexy super heroine. She finds herself trapped in an evil scientist's laboratory. His plans for her are horrifying to her. He wants to break her will and turn her into his sex toy. Can Glory hold out and resist the evil man's efforts to take her mind? This story and others, plus a range of erotic art from bondage to fetish and more, await you on this dynamic site. I-I think its time for me to go… I hope you enjoyed this little peek into Hojojitsu's world… shivers I hope I'll see you again soon… Bye for now…"


This site is closed.

This site is closed until further notice.

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